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One of the most cost-effective solutions to accelerate heating and cooling decarbonisation in urban areas, is the development of heat networks. But how do you design a district heating network, connect a house to it and to achieve optimal energy and carbon performance?

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The race towards net zero

There is a massive decarbonisation potential in the development district heating, but unfortunately this potential is not always unlocked when they come to fruition. Anyone who wants to develop a heat network or connect a building to a heat network should aim for maximum energy and carbon performance. The Hysopt software offers a solution for the hydraulic optimisation of heat networks and secures district heating investments.

69% of the projects where we’ve hydraulically optimised district heating networks have had a payback period of less than two years. Furthermore, energy savings have increased from 20% to 70%.

Sustainable heat sources

Utilise and apply waste heat streams and renewable heat sources on an individual level.

No individual gas boilers

Owing individual boilers becomes redundant. Save money and space!

Higher yield

High production efficiency and re-use waste heat, makes heating more affordable


Our solution

Optimal energy efficiency

A district heating network offers a network of underground pipes, connected to a central heat source, along which hot water is distributed. 

It could be waste heat, a solar thermal installation, or heat extracted from the earth (geothermal energy). Once the heat source has heated the water, it is distributed to the buildings via underground pipes. Homes, office and industrial buildings, apartments, schools, hospitals and even whole cities can all be connected for both heating and domestic hot water and create an optimal low carbon energy efficiency. 

Extensive knowledge in district heating

Hydraulic optimisations for district heating? Hysopt knows how to handle it! Tune in on our customer stories. 

Van Marcke

Case study

Van Marcke
Van Marcke is an international wholesaler specialising in kitchens, heating and sanitary installations.

Case study

Antwerp University Hospital
Antwerp University Hospital (UZA) has 573 beds, employs 3,500 people, and provides more than 500,000 consultations and treatments every year.
AZ Sint-Maarten

Case study

Hospital AZ Sint-Maarten
AZ Sint-Maarten is a general hospital currently spread over three separate campuses, which is relocating to a single large site.

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Hysopt is a unique design software that helps building owners get the most out of their heating and cooling systems, increase performance, reduce carbon emissions and save on their energy costs. 

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